How to save your phone battery

A phone battery keeps you getting less and less. Causes may be different, but there are certainly applications that you do not need and open to them. Moreover, there are frequent mistakes you make.
How to save your phone battery

Discover what to do to reduce battery consumption:

Always close any application you no longer use. And do not even let them run on the background because they still use the battery.

Do not use the screen light to a maximum level but adjust everything according to the way it suits you. In any case, the less the better you reduce the battery consumption.

The themes you use may also be consuming. So those animated live themes are to blame for greater consumption than you need. Simplism could help you instead.

The vibration function is also to blame for too much and too fast consumption on your phone's battery. So check for what type of notifications you need on the phone. But some of you can miss without it.

Key ringing and tone are also elements to keep in control. Moreover, a minimum tone is indicated.
Connections of any kind have to be closed if you are holding on to your battery. So from 4G to WIFI any connection you make good to close them as long as you do not use them. And especially when you are not in a good area as long as a network is looking for a battery will consume a lot more.

Avoid exposing the phone to extreme temperatures, from too hot to too cold. And when you load it, I prefer the original charger variant at any time.

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