iPhone 8 Review

To begin with, I just want to say, "Wow, this phone is beautiful!" And the exclusive material makes it feel luxurious by just holding it.
iPhone 8 Review

After a year and a half with this phone, I would say that I have a relatively clear pictureof the iPhone 8's advantages and disadvantages. It has a 4. 7 Inch screen and a 12 Mega pixel camera. Personally, I think the camera is very good, especially for taking landscape pictures or close-ups. If you take a lot of photos on people I would consider the iPhone8 Plus, which has a Dual-12MP camera that can use the Portrait-Mode feature. If youwant a review on the iPhone 8 Plus I ask you to: Leave a like and write in the comments,and you will find out more about that product. The newer iPhones: iPhone X, XR, XS and XSMax have Face ID, but iPhone 8 has the traditional Touch ID. This is a benefit for me becauseI often stretch myself to open the cellphone and it then becomes easier to open it whileI pull it towards me.

This sounds like a strange thing to mention, but believe me, saving a few seconds on this gives an incredible amount in the long run. From the iPhone 7, the phones have been waterproof and so is the 8 it too. It can go down toone meter depth up to 30 minutes. This means that if you lose your phone in the bathtubor pool, your iPhone will most likely survive, but you should not charge it immediately becausethe charger is not waterproof and operates in water.

This leads us to the next point: Wireless charging. The glass back is absolutely coming with a risk of breaking if you drop it, but Apple had another benefit in mind be sidesthe sleek design, wireless charging. I find this really useful and nice, so if you buy this phone you should definitely get a Wireless charging stand.

So far, I have almost only mentioned the benefits of the phone, but, as I said, all products come with some disadvantage. Firstly, it is very easy for your phone to fall out of your hands because the glass on the back is very slippery. This causes the glass to crack and to fix the back you may have to pay around $349 without Apple Care.

The other downside I can see is the price. This mobile phone is quite old, almost two years. If you buy an iPhone 8 with 64 GB of storage and because chances are it will break,you will want Apple Care for $129. Note that this variant of Apple Care does not replaceif your iPhone is stolen only if you break it.

Even though you have Apple Care you will probably want a case and the cheapest I could find at Apple Store was this for $35, but of course there is cheaper ones out there, and you will definitely want a charge plate for about $40. This makes you to land at $803. $803!! Absolutely,it's cheaper than the iPhone X, but still!? This mobile has a large bar above and below the screen, which the new iPhone do not have, so this is definitely a disadvantage. Well, now itís time for the answer on what you have all waited for îIs the iPhone8 still worth buying?î. My answer to this is very different depending on your requirement sand your budget. Personally, I think if you have a few 100 bucks over, you should go for the iPhone XR, which have a bigger screen and a better camera.

If you want a better camera, but still quite cheap, the iPhone 8 Plus is something to consider.

The newer phones are of course better, but if you are on a budget I would have bought the iPhone 8. The price is okay for what you get and the performance on this machine is amazing. Hope you have found this video interesting and helpful! If you want to see more reviews on other products, for example 8 Plus, like the video and write in the comments which product your thinking about.

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