The Dorel phone

The famous jokes with and about Dorel are also meant to be a commercial goal after all. However, changing the meaning of the phone with this name and not wanting to be a disaster and rather the one that accompanies those who work in extreme conditions.
The Dorel phone

Dorel has recently appeared on the market and has two variants, from UTOK Explorer to UTOK Dorel. Discover what he can do and what he offers. It's smartphone though, so do not shame this modern class of phones:

They have a rubber coating so no matter what the phone is working on does not have six to ruin, break and so on. Unlike the classic variants, they come with extra protection.
Resist to dust and water. From construction and to who knows what environment most hostile the phones can withstand it can even more than Dorel would resist the character himself. If you have escaped it, do not fret because it can last up to half an hour immersed in water.
The 4GB memory, the 2 megapixel camera, can be connected via WIFI or Bluetooth, including the GPS sensor.

Each of the two models also has a great package of subscriptions to various applications. You can watch movies, find a lot of songs and watch from your favorite and recorded shows and up to matches you should not miss.

Costa jusr 600 lei and can be ordered even though the official launch is on 2 February.
The Dorel phone is meant to become an ideal partner for those who are exploring nature, or simply their business environment is outdoors and under conditions that could potentially damage a gadget like a phone.

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