Vivo NEX Dual Display Smartphone Review

VIVO has announced its new phone that is vivo nex dual display , which has two displays in it so both the displays are here like one is primary and the other is secondary (for selfie mainly ) and so bye bye notches and front cameras , here there is only one setup of primary cameras which is sufficient , so in this video i will be talking about its specs and features and its price , so first of all talking about the main hardware of this device that is Snapdragon 845, and i don't know why they used it i mean they should have waited for 855 but anyways as they wish , and THE NEXT BIGGEST thing here is we get 10 GB OF RAM , which is insane and awesome coming storage we will get minimum of 128GB here , mentioning minimum cause i think they will launch more than one variants or maybe not the battery is of 3500 mAh , and with that we get ANDROID 9.
Vivo NEX Dual Display Smartphone Review

0 which is good i guess , with same UI of vivo , coming to the displays so the primary one (front one ) is of 6. 39 inches a qhd+ display and secondary one (that is back one ) is of 5.

39 inches , a full hd display , (well few days ago we used to say primary cam and secondary and now displays ) kind of different and these displays AMOLED displays so no cost cutting in this field and on the primary display we get a on screen fingerprint scanner and face unlock is also implemented but for that you have to turn the phone around now coming to the cameras , here we get a triple camera setup or i should say a dual cam with a camera cum sensor so here they have used the primary lens of 12 MP f/1.

79 and a secondary one of 2 MP for portrait shorts and depth effect i guess and with these two we get a TOF 3D camera and if you don't know what is tof camera and how it works please go through the i button here we get TOF 3D camera f/1.

3 and i still feel they could have used something better here , as in for primary and secondary lens but who knows maybe the implementation of software is so awesome that these combinations are LIT , being a phone vivo it has to have some good cameras and lets see what happens when it releases , and till here there is no detail of what charger they will provide and i hope they will provide a good charger , as its gonna be a flagship and now coming to the release date so on 29th dec vivo is going to release it in china officially and mainly for china only I think as they haven't mention any other country the price of this phone in china is 4. 998 yuan , 726. 

36 in dollars and 52,300 in INR but there is nothing official that it will be released in INDIA or not , so for now only for china but the price , well it feels overpriced but its sort of justified also for the innovation but still so many doubts that will it hit the market hardly or not as vivo nex you mighthave seen was not that much sold the thing which you are getting here is no doubt awesome but still several cons for unlocking the phone via finger you have to use the primary screen and for face lock the opposite screen , which might be irritating and confusing at times and the feel of this device , we are used to hold something that has a back , like the comfort a back of the phone has but that's not a big issue but its really great like the way vivo and oppo are innovating its great as they used to only focus on cameras and 2018 was great by them and now lets see what awesome stuff they will be bringing in 2019 .

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